The Sustainable Ecological Centre


Back in 2008 our chief Designer & Project Manager Jordi Hans designed a concept for an Ecological centre to become aware of the problems the planet is suffering and how to become sustainable in daily life.


Through an activity planning in the space-time, in which activities  in harmony with the patterns of nature, the user will develop a 7-day experience in order to obtain strategies and become conscious that is possible to change the actual habits of life, to become sustainable and respect the environment by conserving, cooperation, and sharing… .


A complete construction of a Ecological Centre constructed with the proper materials grown in the Centre..  Bambu, Hemp, Coconut & Aloe Vera


An alternative entity to the offer of Leisure & Socio-Culture tourism, a new Idea to promote the Ecological Tourism in the Canary Islands. Based on sustainable habits where the experiences are based on the following patterns of nature. An Experimental Center to become aware of ecological ways of living for a future application in daily life.