Amna Tahir

A UX Designer with 4 years of experience. Passionate about bridging the gap between people and their goals. Originally from Pakistan and now going through advanced research in UX Design IT Architecture Master’s Program in Jonkoping University, Sweden.

Her main goals in the company are to conduct research and competitor analysis, prototyping and mockup designing with Adobe XD. To design and validate the workflow and interface of the app through iteration. Improving the quality of attraction. Present design concept to the execution team. Offering full functionality on the small screen to meet baseline customer expectations.

Claudia Ojeda

Claudia Ojeda is creative designer from the Canary Islands which holds a bachelors degree industrial design and product development engineering by the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Claudia works as a industrial designer at the design and technical departments.

Her role in the company takes part in the product ideation, design thinking , visual identity  & Branding , 3D CAD & 2D CAD modeling  and graphics.

She is passionate about design and enjoys very much the process from the needs detection and conceptualization, with a special love for the design of the visual identity of the product.

Mahsa Azimi

Mahsa is originally from Iran and holds a bachelor’s degree in computer software engineering in Iran. After finishing bachelor, she worked in two IT companies in the support and troubleshooting team for software and web applications. She studied User Experience Design and IT Architecture master program in Jönköping University. She is a creative person who has a passion for design and has experience in designing UX/UI for web and applications and the process of researching and analyzing users. Her role in the company is designing mockups for applications with best UX/UI and updating official website of company with better graphic design and better user experience.

Aurore Marchant

Aurore is originally from France and is in charge of the Business and Marketing development and Social Media Management.
She has previously worked for different companies as a Business Operation Coordinator, in Sales and Services Development.
After studying Clinical Psychology and Human Sciences at the Institute of Psychology René Descartes in Paris, she specialized in a Trilingual Business Administration and Management program (in French, Spanish and English).
Her main goals in the company are elaborating strategies, market analysis, finding clients and investors and creating marketing campaigns. She also manages every social media channels of the company and creates digital contents.

Jing Zhang

Jing is originally from China and holds a bachelor’s degree in E-Commerce from Inner Mongolia University in China. After completing her studies, she has four years of work experience in the field of financial market development. Currently Jing is a student at Jönköping University studying for a master’s degree in User Experience Design and IT Architecture. She is passionate about UX design as well as all processes related, including research stakeholders, design mockups and digital prototypes. Her role in the company is to update company social media pages and website, involve in graphic design and UX design activities and workshops.

Farhad Malek

Originally from Iran, Farhad granted the second place in Poster designing which is a UFI Award in 2015.

He has a Microsoft certificate in MCSE and holds a college degree in both I.T. and Graphic Design from Farhang Va Honar University in Iran.
He is a creative person who cares about nature and sustainability. Farhad’s main professional areas are graphic designing, printing, and photography including a background in art managing and advertisement consulting.

His roles in the company are graphic designing and taking photographs.
As a real ambitious person, he has a strong desire for achievement.

Jean Pierre Candiotti

Jean Pierre considers himself as a system-entrepreneur building local ecosystems and connecting networks and resources to help people use their talents for personal and economic growth.

He holds an MBA from Jönköping University, and a Ms.Sc in Sustainability from BTH (Blekinge Institute of Technology), master thesis on innovation systems and sustainability entrepreneurship.

He has been consulting universities, schools, municipalities, and companies in the topic of sustainability-oriented innovations since 2015.

Among other honors, he is community manager of more 100,000 change makers of around the world, and his efforts for entrepreneurialism and the creation of better societies has been recognized by H.R.H Prince Daniel Bernadotte.

Any inquire related to Sustainable development , feel free to contact him at :

Kasra Shariati

He is originally Persian. He holds an MBA in International Management at Jönköping University and previously studied at London School Of Commerce. Kasra has previously worked in sales, marketing and as an accountant. He has a wide experienced in Finance and Marketing.

His role in the company is related to marketing and business development.



Dias Chacko

Dias Chacko is from India. He is following a master in Industrial Design and Product Development at Jönköping University (Sweden) and has a bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering from Srinivas Institute of Technology (India). He works as an Industrial Designer for the company and his role is to provide design solutions for different projects.

Ariadna Sarmiento

Ariadna is a product developer who comes from the Canary Islands. She holds a Bachelor in Industrial Design Engineering from University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain).  Specialist in Injection Moulding Techniques Working with 3D and 2D CAD, Ariadna develop Embodiment design drawings ready for prototyping and production, with technical thinking mindset but passionated to work on conceptual designs and graphics.