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The Hexagonal Home was invented to reunite families in refugee camps worldwide. Senseless acts of tragedy and severe weather are occurring more frequently over time. These catastrophic events leave families, residents and whole nations frantically in need of housing and support.

As a result, the number of refugees and immigrants have rose immensely. Displaced people are forced to seek housing in temporary shelters leaving them helpless with little to nothing. We not only have a humanitarian refugee problem, but also a housing problem as well.

Our mission is to eliminate struggles displaced people face in finding shelter as a consequence of destructive human behavior and natural disasters. Our all-in-one home creates a sense of community for people seeking sanctuary. It helps families and communities from diverse backgrounds to regain a sense of normalcy during their period of displacement.

Its unique features are like no other from the way it’s formed to the way it’s set up. This innovative and sustainable home is made of 100% recycled aluminum, kapa isolation and hpl indoor lamination. With the home comes built-in double glass acrylic windows, a ventilation system and standard interior furniture. Also provided is a foundational flooring and assembly instruction guide.

The lifespan of this temporary shelter is an impressive 15 years, which is much more than existing similar products from other companies such as UN and IKEA.

The unique hexagonal shape allows for flexibility in size and design of structures. For example, the Hexagonal Home can be used to create churches, schools, hospitals, markets and residential camps in addition to homes.

Our design idea has been featured in FORM Magazine  for the Swedish Design Awards 2018 . We hope to launch the product in 2019 and are now seeking investors and funding.

For Investors:

The project is currently under development and we are in the process of building a full-scale mockup to allow proper evaluation which ensures all measurements and features are working properly. Once the full-scale Mockup is constructed,  a promotional video will be produced of the future product. Jordi Hans Design, the original creator of the Hexagonal Home, is now accepting proposals from investors regarding production, retail and distribution of the product.

Call +46-76-456-70 14 or email info@jordihansdesign.com to contact us for more info.


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