Press Release at Global Design News


Swedish designer Jordi Hans delivers a cozy, minimalist teardrop all-terrain Mink Sport Camper


Swedish designer Hans took the traditional style camper and elevated it to a functional, yet luxurious piece that could handle the unpredictable terrain in Iceland.

The camper may look small from the outside, but it makes 100% use of the interior space quite well.

“Several things were clear – and one of them was to take the original square edges of a camper and give it a soft, rounded curve instead to add a more natural look,” states Hans.

“The foundation of the trailer shape was inspired by the beak of a toucan bird to create something flamboyant and exuberant which would add a feel of luxury and style.”

“In fact, in the beginning, the Mink was actually called the Mini-Toucan. It was later changed to Mink Campers to represent the mink animal native to Iceland.”

“Our next goal was to design a spacious feeling interior to expand the size of an otherwise small feeling camper. This allowed us to provide the functionality of a trailer which could be easily hauled around without sacrificing the comfort of open space and relaxation.”

Two expansive side door windows were added, which were inspired by the image of a washing machine door. A ceiling skylight adds visual depth to the inside of the camper, allowing travelers to view the stars at night and light up the inside during the day.

A front storage compartment makes sure no opportunity is wasted to create the perfect combination of functionality and wide interior space.

“Our engineering team has developed the complete technical design and analyzed, tested, and evaluated all parts and components in order to be able to produce the final product in collaboration with the producers,” the Swedish designer concludes.

The Mink’s body is secured by a steel chassis and has 15-inch alloy wheels supported by a leaf-spring suspension. The trailer measures 8.9 feet (270 cm) in length, stands about a foot (30 cm) over the ground below, and weighs in around 1,100-lb (500-kg).