The Tong

Furnitures / Products

Designed to be one of a Kind, is made of one material to be as simple and light as possible,  Sharp and Elegant.

Is designed around ergonomics and aimed to give the right feeling while seating on it.

Made of 100% Aluminium.



Each development stage:

  • Concept Development – 100% Completion

  • Embodiment Design – 100% Completion

  • Prototype Development – 0% Completion

  • Production Development – 0% Completion

After simulations and corrections, The project is currently is ready to be prototyped.

For Investors:

The project is currently under development and we are in the process of evaluation properly.  The Tong Chair Project, is now accepting proposals from investors regarding a partnership to collaborate with the development of the project and together plan the future production, retail, and distribution of the product.


Call +46-76-456-70 14 or email to contact us for more info.

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