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This innovative product is designed to reduce the water consumption by approximately 68%  at every convenient home in the developed countries.

By recycling, 68% of the water consumption at home will mean reducing the overall extraction of water resources. In addition, this innovative system can be adaptable and replaced on the most common existing shower cabins in today’s market.


This Eco-Shower Wall has the ability to reuse the water through a specialized engineering cycle that also has the effect of reducing 95% water consumption used in regular toilets. Our target areas are countries that have a high occurrence of water scarcity, and where construction development is in demand. For example, places like South Africa, California, Dubai, Las Vegas, Chile among others.

In our philosophy, it is ideally better to be proactive now as opposed to being reactive to the ongoing damages, which is six times higher in cost and sometimes too late, therefore we believe our product is Sustainable.

The vision of the Eco-Shower Wall system is to simply help create a water-saving culture through the daily interaction of having water saving options. This will lead to the use of sustainable and innovative solutions for water scarcity issues that the world itself is currently facing.


 The Eco-Shower Wall was selected by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs  to be installed at the Swedish Pavilion for the Expo 2020 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


For Investors:

The project is currently under development and we are in the process of building a full-scale prototype to ensure the system works properly. Once the full-scale mockup is constructed,  a promotional video will be produced to show is the function of the future product. Jordi Hans Design, the original creator of the Eco Shower Wall, is now accepting proposals from investors regarding a partnership to collaborate with the development of the project and together plan the future production, retail, and distribution of the product.

Each development stage:

  • Concept Development – 100% Completion

  • Embodiment Design – 100% Completion

  • Prototype Development – 20% Completion (In process)

  • Production Development – 0% Completion


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