Drum & Base


A creative and playful stool design to store things inside and keep a better organization for the Kids room.

Made with  100% Recyclable plastic and Bio Polymers from Hemp & Bamboo



Each development stage:

  • Concept Development – 100% Completion

  • Embodiment Design – 100% Completion

  • Prototype Development – 0% Completion

  • Production Development – 0% Completion

After simulations and corrections, The project is currently is ready to be prototyped.

For Investors:

The project is currently under development and we are in the process of evaluation properly.  The Drum & Base Stool Project is now accepting proposals from investors regarding a partnership to collaborate with the development of the project and together plan the future production, retail, and distribution of the product.


Call +46-76-456-70 14 or email marketing@jordihansdesign.com to contact us for more info.


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