Artificial Tree

Sustainable Solutions

The Artificial Tree is  an innovative urban furniture which cleans the air from Big Polluted cities, is made of 100% Recyclable Aluminium, and its internal function system aims to provide an experience similar to the one when you are out in nature,

The Artificial Tree will do this by providing filtered clean  air  while at the same time it will release a fresh fragrance, and having built-in speakers which will help to the overall experience by releasing nature sounds.


This street furniture will be placed in pedestrian areas and near the roads with high traffic or on the simple streets of the city where many people usually walk creating  pure fresh winds and absorbing the warm polluted air filtered through its internal system.

Artificial Tree aims to solve the problem of the main polluted urban areas, such as Bangkok, Beijing, Madrid, Mexico City, Linfen, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Barcelona among other air polluted cosmopolitan city’s.



For Investors:

The project is currently under development and we are in the process of evaluation properly.  The Artificial Tree Project, is now accepting proposals from investors regarding a partnership to collaborate with the development of the project and together plan the future production, retail, and distribution of the product.

Each development stage:

  • Concept Development – 100% Completion

  • Embodiment Design – 90% Completion

  • Prototype Development – 0% Completion

  • Production Development – 0% Completion


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