Most Exclusive Interior Design Company – Southern Sweden

We are thrilled to announce that we are the Winner of the 2019 Home and Garden Awards in Sweden from the prestigious BUILD Magazine.

Most Exclusive Interior Design Company 2019 -Southern Sweden

In addition, we would like to celebrate this success with our partner AMV Architecture.

Dedicated to all collaborators such as architects, interior designers, artists, constructors, technicians, and clients which help make real these environments.  How from an initial design stage  by creating together interior and garden spaces and ambients which provide good feelings while the user can be in harmony with the materials, artifacts, and luminaires.   With the idea to create a space which inspires while being present, we can not forget to mention that we would like to share this award  with the very skilled Interior Designer: Brenda Franzen  which working together was an incredible learning experience.

Last notes for this news, go to our favorite, the Principal Architect: Alicia Medina. Learning, creating and understanding together architecture in all it’s essence while fushion creativity and design ideas.