Hexagonal Home in FORM Magazine


The Hexagonal Home, specifically designed to assist communities in need of temporary housing, has been featured in the August/September 2018 edition of FORM magazine. The innovative home provides a sense of inclusion by bringing together communities in dire need of a home or security, such as those affected by natural disasters, war or poverty.

The quickly assembled structure aims to be the next sustainable invention to lessen poverty by specializing in creating safe spaces for refugees. It can be transformed into multiple shapes and sizes because of a unique hexagonal design and can be used as homes, schools, hospitals, churches, markets and residential camps. Our company believes every human being deserves a right to have a comfortable place to live and the Hexagonal Home is our solution to providing quick, effective and sustainable shelters for all.

The Hexagonal Home was recognized by the Swedish Design Awards of 2018 under the Aluminum category for its unique focus on sustainability by being created with 100% recycled aluminum. FORM Magazine, one of the oldest and leading design magazines in the world since 1905, featured the Hexagonal Home nomination in their August/September issue.

The Stockholm, Sweden based magazine publishes content about design and architecture in the Nordic region. Their prestigious reputation allows FORM Magazine to present awards for sustainable and innovative new designs in every issue. We are honored to be featured in FORM Magazine and can be found on page 108 under the Aluminum category of the Swedish Design Awards 2018.


For Investors:

The project is currently under development and we are in the process of building a full scale mockup to allow proper evaluation which ensures all measurements and features are working properly. Once the full scale Mockup is constructed,  a promotional video will be produced of the future product. Jordi Hans Design, the original creator of the Hexagonal Home, is now accepting proposals from investors regarding production, retail and distribution of the product.

Call +46-76-456-70 14 or email info@jordihansdesign.com to contact us for more info.