How Our Design Process Works

Do you ever wonder how the design process ACTUALLY works? How do these large buildings go from ideas to real construction? 

There are many steps but the most fundamental (and fun) is the DESIGN process! During our Fiskeback project in Habo, Sweden we took an idea a client had to build a group of residential buildings.

First Step 1️⃣
We asked what vision do you have? What are you looking for in terms of functionality and looks? Then we presented three different concepts to choose from.

Second Step 2️⃣
The client chose concept 3 as his favorite, so we provided a sketch of what it could look like.

Third Step 3️⃣
We made a 3D version of the sketch to provide a more realistic view of what the final product will look like.

Fourth Step 4️⃣
The design is exactly what he wanted and construction began on the Fiskeback Residential Neighborhood in Habo, Sweden! It’s currently under construction and pictures will be updated when completed.

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